Advice direct from our insurers, PPL and PRS

We have received a number of enquiries from instructors and our partners asking for advice on how instructors can continue to deliver their classes online. This advice is direct from our insurers, PPL and PRS.

If you are an instructor member of EMD UK and have your insurance with us then you are able to offer classes online. They can be 2-way streams ie you can see the participant and they can see you, you can offer one way streams, where they can see you but you cannot see them, and you can host pre-recorded classes on various platforms or your own website. Please remember that you still have the same duty of care as you would if conducting your normal face-to-face classes, so please include a disclaimer that each participant has to acknowledge and adhere to.

However as you will be using a third party to technically host your content, you will need to check that platform’s T&Cs in terms of what you can upload.  For example, if you use YouTube to host your content, YouTube have a blanket licence in place that covers ‘user generated content’, which loosely means individuals uploading innocuous content.  Anything that has been professionally made, was commissioned or includes branding will not be covered by YouTube’s licence and may be taken down.  This is because it would be classed as ‘synchronisation’ and would need approval from the publishers of the work.

Group exercise classes need two parts – a PRS licence is for venue to play copyrighted music (normal chart type music) and PPL credits which allow music to be used online as they do in community halls etc – usually paid for by the instructor (unless the class is in a leisure centre in which case it is down to the venue)

  • If your music is copyrighted, you need a sync license.
  • If you are using license free music, no licenses are needed.

A fitness instructor online music licence has been specially created for the fitness industry so UK-based instructors can play copyrighted and original artist music in their online classes.  The licence is valid for live classes online and for on demand content and can only be used for fitness/dance classes. Any music used in videos which are outside of our sector for either participants or training, will breech the licence terms and conditions.   In addition, each public on demand class must only be available to the public for a limited period from upload.

The licence is available for Level 2 minimum or equivalent qualified fitness instructors (or Level 3 dance).  You must have your certificate to hand when buying the licence as you will be asked to upload it as proof. See here for a list of accepted qualifications.  Once submitted the verification process may take up to 2 working days from receipt.

The licence is currently valid until December 31st 2020, when it will be reviewed by PRS for Music.

  • The PPL fees you pay via EMD UK are still applicable as they are now and do not need any further change.

Should you require any further guidance on the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch either on 01403 266000 or via If you would like to be able to continue your business and join other instructors, our group exercise insurance starts from £38 per annum and we also get you a discount on PPL fees rather than going direct.