Find out more in this guest blog by SOSA Founder and Principal Katy Barrow

Are you sitting down? You’ll need to be!!

As we all know, keeping fit is at the heart of maintaining our good health. If we experience an injury or illness, our ability to remain active plays an important role in our recovery, and is vital in keeping our bodies strong as we get older. For those living with a disability or long-term health condition, the physical, social and psychological benefits of regular exercise are absolutely critical to continued wellbeing.

Seated SOSA Dance Fitness offers a fantastic insight into the world of dance using authentic footwork, arms and body styling movements from 37 international dance styles… adapted to a CHAIR!

Each routine is broken down into easy-to-learn sections that can be fully adapted to different speeds, levels of ability and ranges of movement, set to a soundtrack of chart hits from different decades to get participants singing as well as dancing!

SOSA Dance Ltd is endorsed by CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity) and we can award the maximum 10 CPD Developmental points for our NEW Seated SOSA Dance Fitness Online Instructor Training Course.

Our programme closely follows the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Freestyle syllabuses.

Led by Founder and Principal Katy Barrow, SOSA aims to make dance accessible and inclusive for EVERYONE to take part in.

“I’m really passionate about making SOSA a truly ‘inclusive’ community class,” Katy emphasises, “It’s so ironic that when we are unable to move freely on our feet, the activities that have been an integral part of our lives – such as dancing – can be suddenly and completely out of our reach. It’s only then that you realise how limited the choice of classes you can take part in is, not only in terms of suitability but also in style and content. Until now, there has been a real absence of anything truly dance-based, that is fun, and completely safe and effective for seated participants.”

“My passion for Seated SOSA has grown on a daily basis,” says Katy. “Every person I have consulted during the development process while creating this programme has helped to give me a unique and invaluable insight into their specific, and often diverse needs. I have always been clear that those needs must be very carefully integrated into a mixed group class. I’ve been inspired by so many people along the way, and their excitement about a ‘chair dance’ class, so I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved for them.”

We are delighted to be working alongside CIMSPA to achieve our goals. It is so important that our training meets the highest standards in the industry and we insist upon all of our instructors meeting the strict pre-requisites for our course.

Our vision for the future is to make dance accessible to EVERYONE, and this comes with providing the best quality training possible for only fully qualified and experienced fitness and dance professionals across the sector. We want instructors who are passionate about inspiring more people to get active and who truly believe in the benefits of both the physical improvement and mental wellbeing that dance brings.

We have recently conducted a case study of our Seated SOSA programme with InstructAbility, a Sport England funded charity who are passionate about training disabled people to become instructors in the fitness industry. We have already trained a team of their graduates, and aim to train many more instructors with disabilities and long-term health conditions to go on to deliver this programme to groups in their local communities.

To find out more about our NEW Seated SOSA Online Instructor Training Course, please visit our dedicated website page at