ReelRobics is the original Irish Dance workout, created by former Riverdancer, Christina Woods. It combines the footwork of traditional Irish dancing with lots of arm movements to get your whole body moving. Suitable for beginners and experienced dancers, it’s a fun, cardiovascular workout while also improving your balance and strength. Dance along to the catchy reels and jigs and release those feel good endorphins!


SOULSA®️ is the most ‘feel good’ dance fitness workout around. A low impact, high energy class set in a darkened room to soulful vibes, latin beats, 80’s classics, chart hits, Caribbean treats and more. Our signature LED flashing mini tambourines add the soul and fun to the SOULSA®️ experience! Our four step routines make it easy to follow…but it’s not about the moves in SOULSA®️, it’s about the feels!

viBeatz Kidz & Teenz

This is the first ever Kidz & Teenz class with Dance, Fitness & Yoga! Designed for growing kids (7- 16 years), it works with growth spurts, hormone changes and mood swings whilst keeping students engaged and fit. Mindfulness and self-esteem with inclusivity is the priority (but so is fun!). viBeatz kidz & Teenz creator, Lisa Brockwell choreographed for Sport England and Disney campaigns to get families moving. Find them on youtube.viBeatz TV.


If you love Pop music, then you’ll love Popdance® – Est 2009. Teach fun, dance routines to tracks from the 80s, 90s, 00s and current pop. From Popdance Tots, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors and Popdance Fit (cardio based) there’s something for everyone. We can support you with community classes, after school clubs, in nurseries, parties, wedding dances and corporate teambuilding events.


Dancing for Health CIC

Dancing for Health is a unique Community Interest Company that creates partner dance therapy programmes for vulnerable, lonely, elderly adults or those with long term health conditions. Delivered within healthcare and community group settings, we create a full package of health, wellbeing and fitness through bespoke “Dancing for Health’ physical and social activity programmes.

EXTEND Exercise

EXTEND Exercise deliver accredited training programmes that include seated and standing exercises for older people and disabled adults. EXTEND is a registered charity and has worked in this sector, since being established in 1976, training fitness professionals to deliver EXTEND classes in their local communities. Our courses use adaptation techniques to tailor exercises to the needs of differing medical conditions.


Become a MenoLeader with the MenoHealth Training Programme. Each MenoClass includes a 15 minute discussion about menopause symptoms. The rest of the session is focussed on exercise routines that avoid complex choreography, a workout for heart health, bone strength, core strength, muscle tone, balance, stretches and a mindful cool down.


Participants execute Punjabi dance inspired movements between high and low intensity levels to popular and current Punjabi music. Inspired by the authentic pronunciation of bhangra. We aim to be the world’s highest standard to exercise to Punjabi music, meaning our class focus is on safe and effective exercises and providing a great customer experience.


TwerkFit® is an exciting dance fitness class which will see you learning new dance skills that you can use on the dance floor while toning and building stamina. Focusing on legs, bums, and tums, this workout will help tone those vital areas in a fun, uplifting environment. TwerkFit® classes combine cardiovascular exercise, which raises general fitness levels with working the lower body, legs, and core to improve muscle tone.

The Jungle Body®

The Jungle Body® – a global exercise & movement-to-music company offering a range of soul-igniting and beat-driven programming for everyone. What makes The Jungle Body different is we are more than just about your physical health – we are about supporting your mental health. Our programs are about celebrating & empowering all body shapes, ages, sizes & fitness levels. Our classes are inclusive, vibrant, welcoming & 100% stress free.