EMD UK are proud to introduce you to a brand-new dance fitness style set to hit the industry… FunkFit.

Created by JP Omari, EMD UK have helped to develop FunkFit into a unique training programme. Like many in the industry, JP found himself juggling too many things at once. What with managing his own studio, teaching classes and family life, it left him no time to create his dream training programme. That’s where EMD UK had a helping hand. Taking advantage of our Product Development service, we helped turn JP’s initial idea into a reality. Working through a step by step consultation process to ensure the training covered every aspect of learning and quality assurance, JP is now ready to launch the very first FunkFit training day on Sunday 26th November.

“We’re extremely pleased to have worked with JP on creating the FunkFit training course. It’s great to turn an initial idea and passion into a product that can be enjoyed by everyone. We’re looking forward to the first training day in November and can’t wait to see FunkFit take the industry by storm.” Michaela Scowen, Academy Manager.

To top it off, the FunkFit training programme is fully endorsed by EMD UK as part of the development process, which means FunkFit Instructors can also take advantage of the Open Bursary funding!

“The development process was a lot more enjoyable and easier than I thought. Karen and Michaela knew exactly what they were doing. They guided me and asked me key questions that made me understand the whole process in a more detailed way. The pilot training day will be a huge step towards making my future goals achievable. It wouldn’t have been possible without EMD UK – Thank you!.” JP Omari, FunkFit Creator.

What is FunkFit?

FunkFit is a dance fitness class, where groovin’ and dancing to Motown music, 70s/80s, Funk & Soul, and disco classics will get your class participants fit. Created by JP Omari, whose dance influences come from funk, soul, pop and hip hop, this class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Fancy teaching this exciting dance fitness class? Book yourself onto the first ever training day in Brighton this November. Simply register your interest here.

If you’re in a similar position, trying to balance everyday life but also want to get your dream training programme up and running, then give us a call to see how we can help. Or, to find out a little more information, just click here.