We have been looking at multiple ways we can help during these challenging times . . .

We acknowledge that once again this is a difficult time for instructors and our member organisations and we have been looking at multiple ways to help you across the sector.

We have renegotiated the cost of the fitness instructor insurance so that we can pass the lower prices onto you.  This insurance is included in our membership packages, which also give instructors discounted PPL and discounted CIMSPA membership plus multiple supplier discounts from our partners from just £49 per year.

We have also ensured the bespoke online fitness instructors music licence will continue until June 2021 and have negotiated a pro rata cost to tailor this to your needs, for online and on demand classes, during any periods of lockdown.  This will allow you to carry on playing the copyrighted and original artist music that your participants know and love.

Three of our online CPD qualifications are currently available at a 50% discount.  Instructors wishing to expand their skillset can take Level 2 online courses in Understanding Nutrition, Performance and Healthy Eating or Mental Health Awareness or a Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre and Post Natal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition.  All three courses qualify for 10 CIMSPA points and could enable instructors to increase their work opportunities post lockdown.

In addition, we are holding a 12 hr Flash Sale!  From 9am to 9pm on Wednesday, 25 November, our Level 2 Dance Fitness Qualification and Group Training to Music courses in January and February will be available at a  discount.

EMD UK Head of Instructor Development, Sue Wilkie said ‘As instructors we are looking to diversify into other areas and provide guidance to our participants especially during theCOVID-19 pandemic.  Reducing the current prices on our three online qualifications gives those who are looking to upskill their knowledge the opportunity whilst they have time to study, with a view to increasing their work opportunities post lockdown.

For more information on these initiatives, click on the links above,  or contact us via our webpage.